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At Guide to Dementia Care we truly understand the needs of people with dementia and their carers. We want to help people dealing with dementia to easily access the information, care and support they need without any further stress or delay – at what is a difficult time for people with dementia, their carers and wider family.

We produce  practical guides which offer help advice and support to people living with or caring for their loved ones who have dementia. Our Guides help families and Carers access important and useful local information . The Guides may assist you to identify early signs or symptoms of dementia which may be helpful in obtaining an earlier diagnosis.

Whilst Guide to Dementia Care is independent of the NHS and Adult Social Care Authorities, we are a member of the National Dementia Action Alliance and we work closely with care organisations, to ensure all our guides are accurate, easy to read and understand in order for people to have the information they need in one simple guide.


As well as this website, we produce local printed guides to dementia care. Because accessing dementia services differs from area to area, we take time to ensure our guides reflect local circumstances.

Please feel free to download our Guides from the Publications section

If you have any comments about Guide to Dementia Care, or you wish to advertise with us, please contact us

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